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This is a list of books relating to World War II and websites of special interest to WWII buffs. This page is in the process of being revamped and updated. Some links may be dead. The song will be accentuate_the_positive_DukeEllington.mid Patience please. If you have any suggestions please email them to me.

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Combat Reels, Incorporated is a Texas based company providing organized combat footage of all conflicts to the general public and television/film production companies worldwide. Corporate headquarters is located Ft. Worth, Texas. Combat Reels The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (TARA), at Keele University, is an official place of deposit for The National Archives. The archives at TARA chart the development of photographic reconnaissance and intelligence from a position of virtual insignificance during the early part of World War II to an integral part of military intelligence. Our largest catalogued archive is that of the Allied Central Interpretation Unit (ACIU). The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (TARA) Hans J. Wijers is an excellent WWII historian and has written several books about WWII. His websites are: The Battle for Stalingrad Scroll down to Bookstore and click on it to go to where you may purchase Han's books. Battle of the Ardennes "North Shoulder" 1944-45 Battle for Stalingrad 1942 - 1943

The following link takes you to a website that tells of the history behind the cars, tanks and airplanes of WWII. A young reader found my WWII pages helpful for a school project and sent this website to me. I explored the website by deleting all the words after the / and discovered it is about cars and car titles. You can do searches. I am a classic and antique car buff so I did a search for classic cars. There is a lot of information there. Cars-Tanks-Airplanes WWII

The following link takes you to The Longest Wait, a story about a WWII aviator who was continuously reported as MIA (missing in action) to was KIA (killed in action), to MIA again and ended with him being found as buried in Normandy. I will leave the rest as a surprise to you. What a remarkable story. The Longest Wait Cleve C. Barkley whom I met in the second division yahoo group wrote this next story. It's about Heartbreak Crossroads which is where our birth father was wounded during WWII. This story is on the Warfare History Network website. Thank you Cleve. The Battle of Heartbreak Crossroads: Pyrrhic Victory at Wahlerscheid Heartbreak Crossroads

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