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Song Title Serenade

Love me tender, donít be cruel, donít wanna to go to heartbreak hotel. Iíve been searching, searching for a girl like you. I went out walking after midnight all the way to blueberry hill. A hound dog started chasing after me. I turned around and did the twist; he ran like great balls of fire. Now thereís a whole lot of shakiní going on. Good Golly Miss Molly, why do fools fall in love? Earth angel I only have eyes for you. Do you want to dance? Well tweedlee dee and lawdy miss clawdy letís rock around the clock. Weíre gonna shake rattle and roll but donít you step on my blue suede shoes. Let the good times roll. Iím pledging my love and Iím all shook up. Only you, Little Darliní, you send me. Sincerely, my prayer little girl be mine. Come softly to me. I just want to make love to you in the still of the night. Somewhere over the rainbow thereís a little band of gold. Címon everybody. Who wrote the book of love. Oh itís only make believe. Love is strange. What am I living for? Iím just a teenager in love. Ainít that a shame. Goodnight my love. Short fat Fannie just walked through the door. I got the rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu. Honey love, come on letís go. © Carolyn B Hebert - February 28, 2019 Dedicated to my sister, Molly. Click on the link below to read the names on the full size record. The signature of Fats Domino took a long time to make it transparent. Dave Bartholomew signed on one side of the paper but Fats signed on the backside instead of using a new page. Fats was defintely a legend. 50s Large Record


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