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My daughter, Lydia, was the Director of Operations in the Fort Worth Stockyards in the 80's and 90's. She knew I had done some furniture upholstery and asked me to turn in a bid on the upholstery for the amusement rides which were to be behind Stockyard Station. Stockyard Station was built across the street from the Stockyard Exchange building and was where some of the offices were moved to. I was honored to have this priviledge and be a part of the expansion of the that part of the stockyards. Besides doing the upholstery using naugahyde, I also filled in for other positions on an as needed basis. The most fun I had though was to ride through the stockyards on a mule. I was wearing my clown costume. For real folks, somebody led the mule while I rode. There used to be a picture of me on that mule at a hotel on the corner of Exchange St. That hotel is now a different establishment. I also rode a dramadary, a one hump camel, which was there as part of a festival. My clown character had fun riding the carousel with the children. The amusement rides are no longer there. A hotel eventually replaced the spot where the rides were.



photo of the Scrambler

Scrambler ride The original upholstery was blue or red. For the grand opening they had the upholstery painted brown to go along with the theme of the park which was of course, western. Back to list


Full view of Large Ferris Wheel This was fun to work on. The padding under the existing upholstery was horse hair. I had to remove the horse hair and replace it with thick foam. I did this job in my backyard. Back to list

full view of the large Ferris Wheel


full view of the large Ferris Wheel

Close up view - Large Ferris Wheel This is a closer view so you can see my work. It was fun to ride this ferris wheel and stop at the top. You can see a great view of Fort Worth. Back to list


Small ferris wheel This was the ferris wheel for the toddler. Originally one seat was blue and the next was red, but I believe they painted these brown also. This was easier than the large ferris wheel. Back to list

photo of the small ferris wheel


photo of me working on car upholstery

Me working on car upholstery This was a really messy job. I took the old original seat covers and took them apart to use as my pattern. For the stripping, I used wide flat strips of felting cord. Back to list


Picture of the car upholstery trophy You can see my handiwork in the backseat of the car. The guy got the trophy and I got a picture of it. This was not an easy task and I was so proud to have won third place in national competition. What a boost to my ego! Back to list

photo of the trophy for the upholstery


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