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Prayer for the USA

This was prompted by the tragedy in Florida. This is more than a prayer. Sometimes I have conversations with the Lord. It helps in many ways to get things "off my chest" so to speak. It's like a phone call but we don't need a cell phone, a computer, or any special piece of technology to make the call. He is my father. He is your father. We are his children. It's simple, just get in your quiet place and start talking to our heavenly father and ask in Christ's name for the petition and prayers to be answered. The prayer is always heard because our Father in heaven listens! Father, in the name of Jesus we are calling for Your protection and Your guidance. Holy Spirit we are in need of your comfort. We as Christians are called on to love our enemy and to pray for our enemy. You, Lord are in control over our great country, over the universe which You created. But Satan is loose and many people are falling into his snares and following his whims. This puts many innocent people in harms way. It is with great sadness that we learn of such tragedies as what happened in Orlando, Florida. Hate cannot enter in because that would be adding fire to the flame and falling prey to the devil. Hate only fuels the flames of hate and perpetuates it. Give to us the strength to not fall into that trap. Lord, give to us the strength as a nation and as individuals to understand what we as a people must do to protect ourselves from such hatred. Too many people have become lax in responsibilities to protect our own, to protect our country, to protect our faith. We are fed lies via much of the media, many television programs, many commercials on television, radio and other media. It has become too easy for people to post negative, rude, and crude remarks and lude pictures on social media. Our minds pick up on these things whether or not we are willingly being subjective to it. We, me included, leave the television on while commercial after commercial is flooding our minds with how we should act, what we should buy, many of which we donít really need and polluting our minds into believing we have illnesses we donít really have. I call that brain washing. I call it the spiraling down of America. And we are allowing it to happen. We cannot blame the government. We need to put the responsibility where it lies. It is every citizen's responsibility. We are careful about what television shows we do watch. And we sometimes put the television controls on mute and either turn our heads or walk away when commercials come on. But those air waves are still entering my home and our minds. What about your home? We need to be more concerned. Think about it. To further clarify the above statement: as a brain injured person, years ago I could not enter an airport terminal. The current from the automatic doors opening hurt my head, my brain and could cause seizure activity. I had to be very careful where I went. There were doors that open automatically in many places and still are. But that doesnít hurt me now like it did back then. Thank You, Jehovah Rophe. Regarding travel from the USA to another country and back, in our personal experience we were told we needed certain vaccinations, our medical records, written prescriptions for our medications and our glasses. Yet medical records were never asked for or checked on our trip to Europe. That told me security is lax, lacking in responsibility. When a passenger is allowed to enter an airplane obviously sick, coughing loudly with an expression on his face that suggesting he needs medical assistance that told me the airline personnel were lax in their duties. When I injured my back trying to get back in my seat on our flight back from London, I requested an ice bag. I had gone to the restroom and could not get back in my seat. I reported the incident to the airline company. I was told they (the flight attendants) could not interfere with my medical issue. I was injured in the airplane on this flight. And the airline employees denied that the incident even happened. I did not have the full name of the employee who gave me the ice bag but I did have the last name and the country that person was from. The issue with getting back in my seat was the arm rest would not go up. During communications with the airline company I was told I should have requested a seat that the arm rest was moveable. Oh really? Then later I was told none of the arm rest are moveable on overseas flights. Whatís wrong with that picture? Where is the responsibility? Lord help us! When we as citizens see someone or an incident that is obviously a hazard or a threat to safety, and we turn our backs on it, then we as a citizen, as a nation and as peoples are not honoring our Lord. How we treat others is how we treat our Heavenly Father. We are our brotherís keeper. Has anyone ever heard of the sin of ommission? When a child is told repeatedly they will be punished if they donít stop the wrong they are doing until told a half dozen times or more, that child has no respect for that parent and does not believe the threat. Thatís like someone harassing another by telephone. If you donít answer the phone until the ninety ninth time, then the harasser knows he or she can call ninety nine times and get an answer. The harassment should have been reported to the authorities when it began, after the third time it becomes a legal offence. We as a country cannot bluff an entity or a country that is a threat to us. Abba Father, are we abusing our free will? It is understandable our governing bodies cannot publicly say what they are going to do to an enemy or threatening country or peoples. That could cause a panic for number one and for number two it would inform the enemy our plans giving them time to prepare an action against us. Has anybody not heard that when someone angers us, that person or persons can control us? Lord help us! Reaction is not the proper thing to do. Lord, we need to know how to respond. The difference is reaction is a negative and respond is a positive. Itís time for constructive plans and actions. Help us to learn and know the differences. We need Your help Lord to know how to pray for all parties involved in this tragedy. The victims, their families, the people who witnessed the tragedy, the people of the world and not just our country need Your comfort. Holy Spirit we need your protection and guidance. This issue reverberated around the globe. All eyes are on us watching to see how our leaders respond. We are calling on You, Abba Father, to guide and protect all who are involved in the investigation, for those whose responsibility it is to respond, and for those whose responsibility it is to protect the innocent. It is our duty as a great nation, to be vigilant in prayer, to be vigilant in being aware of our surroundings, but not to live in fear or be paranoid. Paranoia is the work of the devil. Give to us as individuals, as a people, as a nation, as a world, the wisdom to use knowledge wisely, not in haste, not as retaliation. Knowledge without wisdom is useless. Help us to know how to use our knowledge wisely. Jehovah Shalom help us! We are calling on You, Abba Father to help all to discern the spirits before we act but to not hesitate when it is necessary. All this we ask in your son Jesus Christís name. Amen and Amen. Copyright © Carolyn B. Hebert Ė June 13, 2016 Please be in prayer for our country and the other nations of the world. This is my signature on my outgoing mail: Spend a little time with Jesus 'cuz he spends a lot of time with you. So can you not tarry an hour? Start in baby steps. Ten minutes can grow to an hour. In the garden Christ asked could you not tarry an hour?

If you are not in prayer daily why not? The first thing you do in the morning when you get out of bed controls you. That does not mean putting your feet on the floor or going to the bathroom. It means do you spend time in Facebook first? Do you turn your television on before praying? Is your cup of coffee and/or cigarette your lord? This list could go on and on and on. I do turn my computer on but the daily devotional and mass is linked in my website. My husband reads his devotional. We also subscribe to The Word Among Us, daily devotional and mass readings. That's how we try to start our day. Before I get out of bed I say The Lord's Prayer and The Hail Mary to clear my head. My husband gets up earlier and stands before the manger scene still on our fireplace mantle and prays. That is why we keep it there. It also does not mean we are without fault. But this is our usual routine. What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed? Think about that question honestly.

EXIT NOW! Never believe you can out run a round of bullets Our church hosted an Active Shooter seminar a few months ago. That's this year of 2016. It was very informative in that actual live footage was used. In one situation, the people tried to exit by the front door when there were big plate glass windows next to that front entrance. They should have broken the glass and exited through the windows. I was in a store and the topic of the incident in Florida came up. What would people do in the store if an active shooter were to enter? I was told if face to face with an active shooter he told the employees to start throwing cans at the active shooter and get out of the store. It would also be announced there was an active shooter in the store. Wrong on all counts. That could cost several seconds if not minutes to get to safety. And it could cost lives. What if you didn't have any cans? That is not a smart thing to do and could put those people in direct jeopardy. Announcing there is an active shooter in the store would cause a panic and could cost lives. If gun shots were already heard, the people would have already been alerted. And to start throwing cans at the shooter? Get real. You would be the first target or the next target. The first line of defense is to exit as quickly as you can whether a door, a window or whatever is the nearest exit. Break glass if you have to but EXIT! Hiding behind a cash register stand won't work either. Bullets can go through the stand. And the guns being used are not single shot guns or rifles. EXIT! As I find websites or information that would be helpful for this situation, I will post it here. It would behoove any store or church or whatever place where the public or the private sector enters to host seminars for all employees. Contact your local law enforcement agency whether it is the police department or the sheriff's department. They have people trained to teach these seminars. Don't put it off. Tomorrow never comes and yesterday was too late. We were at a place of business here recently and over the loud speaker came the words, "Please exit now. We have an emergency and everybody needs to exit now." I had already seen something that had alerted me. I was going to report it but an employee was already warning people there was an emergency and everybody needed to exit and exit now. Afterwards, I shared my thoughts and I was correct about the situation. It was not an active shooter. The ocelot had gotten lose. What could have happened had that employee said what the emergency was? The employee did not say anything to create a panic. But she did have to start almost forcing people to leave. If there was an active shooter, the gun shots would have alerted everybody. Thank You Lord there were no injuries and no panic. Thank You Lord for a smart employee. The name of the website below is The Art of Manliness. But the article within it is for everybody. What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation There is an excellent article on the first page of this website. How long the article will be there is unknown because the people who own this website received permission to use the article. Do yourself a favor, READ THE ARTICLE in the website listed below. It list most of what was taught to us at our church with regards to an active shooter. Our priest told us a few weeks ago that if someone comes in our church holding a gun, EXIT and told us how. We have a smart and loving priest. Backdoor Survival Matthew 13:36 You will be blessed if you view this sermon by Billy Graham. It has much to say about the changes in the USA. It is very important for all to hear. Firefox blocks the video. It will open in Chrome. Dr Billy Graham: Three Things You Cannot Do Without When I sent the following picture to my brother in 2012, he said he hoped it was not an omen for our country. We are still the greatest country in the world but there are those who wish to tear us down. Pray for our country. Pray for those vying for any governmental office that affects our country and each state in these our United States of America. Ez 34:1-11
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