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Praise You most merciful Father. You who sit high upon the throne of honor; always eternally loving and kind. Bountiful mercies be poured on us Your children, still growing and faltering but You pick us up and carry us on Your shoulders as if on Eagle's wings saving us from our own sins, our transgressions. LORD, forgive us. Help us to stay focused with our altimeter set on vertical, upward and heavenly. Be at our side to navigate through the turbulence, the winds of doctrine that try to lead us astray. Gird us with Your righteousness, most precious LORD. Help us to stay the main course. Hallelujah, great Jehovah. You are the shoulder we can cry on, the listening ear to hear our hurts, the tender heart that shares our joys, the voice that leads, and the arm that guides and constrains, the bridle that keeps our heads held high and our eyes on You. No earthly possessions can out give Your loving kindness. Give us the words, the wisdom to use our knowledge wisely. Show us the path, lead the way, be the oil in our lamp that guides our feet through darkness into light. May Your love light shine brightly. Praise be to You Father for the sake of Your precious son, Jesus. Amen. Copyright © Carolyn B. Hebert - February 10, 1999 Click here to download this prayer in pdf format.

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