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Getting Personal Ad Poem

As a seamstress I'll mend all your rips and your tears. As a nurse I'll console all your hurts and your cares.
As a poet I'll woo you with verse and with song if you bring me flowers with stems that are long. As a writer I'll help you plan all your dreams as long as they're honest and not full of schemes.
My clown will surprise you from laughter to tears if you'll be supportive of my goals, dreams, and cares. On the beach we'll ride horseback, feel the sand 'neath our feet, the wind in our hair, count the stars as a treat.
The price of cologne is not what's important. The scent or aroma must enhance the moment. Creative cooking is fun done by two and then perhaps visit our folks at the zoo!
I'm past 55 you may be younger or older, be cuddling height to place my head on your shoulder. If the length of your hair is long I can braid it. But, if it is gone, it's okay if you can't grow it.
Your best assets should come from within. If you put on a front our friendship will soon end. Please take it slow too fast it is fleeting, too slow it is boring and you won't be worth keeping.
Widowed more than 12 years I'm alone but not lonely. Extravert that I am I still enjoy my quiet moments. If you're exciting, adventurous I'll give you a chance if you prove to me you believe in romance.
Seredipity, spontaneity, or planning ahead, please call me or write me don't mess with my head. If you answer this ad I'll know you're adventurous with a great sense of humor and hopefully ambitious! Copyright © 1995 Carolyn Bigler Hebert AKA Moonlightflower
Note: I wrote this long before my childhood playmate and high school sweetheart came back into my life, more like I came back into his since he never moved away, I did. Most of my poems were written as a single but I add my married name because it's my legal name now.
Click here for a pdf document of the lyrics to this song.

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