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There are several sections on this page: Personal poems and poetry, articles, my triathlete husband Alfred, my service dog Princess, WWII, Tropical storm Edouard, Genealogy, Christmas pages. PTSD and addiction helps links and safer bike lanes. Note: I made a few of my poems downloadable in pdf format. My poems and photos are copyrighted and have been published other than in this website. The books are for sale elsewhere and my photos are for sale on Fine Art America. For examples of my sewing and more about me, scroll down the page. Be sure to check all the sections listed. E-mail me and let me know you appreciate my work. I am the Webmaster! An Angel In Your Pocket An Irish Blessing A Nation Under God for 911 A Simple Brain Test A mama bird made her home in a box on the top shelf of a bookcase outside our back door. We watched them from the nest of four eggs to four baby birds hatched until one day the nest was empty and one of the parents was looking all around the box and bookcase. Mama and her Baby Birds Fire Hazards of leaving things in parked vehicles Genealogy of Christ God's Gifts Happy Birthday-for a man Happy New Year 2017 Helpless, Lifeless Rose Huggable, Loveable Teddy Bears Husband Recipe Life Lessons Looking Up Money Can't Money Won't My God and I Mr Vodka-about addictions Names Of God Nursing Poem Old Betsy and Me The next poem is about an impostor on Senior Friend Finder, a Match Maker website. There was more than one impostor with several ads and a hacker I was able to "capture." Go to the page and read what happened. After the poem there is good advice that can apply to any online social media plus a link to Staying Safe Online. All is worth reading. Perceptor the Imposter Personal Ad Poem Reflections of Our Yesteryears The next poem was writtin by Dan Clark in 1999. It is inspiring and has gone around the internet as annonymous when it is not. It was first published in "Chicken Soup for the College Soul." I first uploaded it in 2005. Rose Philosophy Sands of Life The Big If The Essence of You The Light of the Son The Spirit of America The Touch of the Master's Hand Value Of Time Why I Love Christ The next page has graphics of Christ with regards to the crucifixion. Written In Red Yester-me Yester-you Yester-day by Ann Sullivan PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION My photos are on Fine Art America where you may purchase them as more than a photo print. The photos can be on throw pillows, blankets, duvets, shower curtains, cell phone covers, totes, and much more. Search for me as my pen name Carolyn Hebert and you will get my artwork/photography. The next link takes you to the Amaryllis but all photos uploaded so far are there, just click the next button. On the right column there are sample photos of what products the photos can be printed on for purchase. Click on one to enlarge it. They are beautiful! My Photography for Sale The link below takes you to one of my photos that I wrote a poem for it. This was at the Bonsai Pipeline in Hawaii. Otherwise use the link further up on this page. I might be able to upload some of my photos with poems on them to Fine Art America. The end price includes my minimum markup. These would make fantastic presents though not in time for Christmas. A sample of my sunset photos Only God Can Create A Sunset While in Hawaii in 2007 my husband decided to swim at the Bonsai Pipeline even though there were no local people in the water. I wrote a poem to go along with the photo of just the tree. Bonsai Pipeline-Looking Up PASS IT FORWARD AND PRAYERS The next links are Christmas and New Yeaar Bookmarkers I created. The first one has a photo of Mary and baby Jesus. It was taken at the Oratory of St. Phillip of Neri - Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in London, England in 2013. The second one is the same bookmarker but the photo is of a manger scene. This photo was taken at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Jacksonville, Texas in 2015. The fireworks on the New Year bookmarkers was taken at Lake Palestine in Texas in the year 2007 for the new year of 2008. There are three bookmarkers on each page and in pdf formate. You can print copies and cut them out and pass them forward. The New Year bookmarker with black background will take more ink but it is the prettiest of the two New Year bookmarkers. They are in pdf format with three to a page. I print them on photo paper. Christmas Bookmarker One - Mary holding the Christ Child One Christmas Bookmarkers Christmas Bookmarker Two - Manger Scene Two Christmas Bookmarkers New Year Bookmarker on white background White New Year Bookmarkers New Year Bookmarker on black background Black New Year Bookmarkers While talking about childhood memories of Christmas I thought about composing a letter to send to family and friends. That is what the next link takes you to. It's in pdf format, not a separate webpage. Christmases era 1940s to 1950s. Let me know if you enjoy it and share some of your childhood Christmas memories with me if you please. Childhood Memories of Christmas We have a new priest at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Flint, Texas. The next link takes you to a prayer card I wrote for him. The graphic came from a photo I took of a statue of Our Blessed Mary and Baby Jesus at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2012. It's a large graphic so be sure to click back to this page. Make note, there are other prayers in my website. I have been writing prayers for many years. Prayer Card for Father Rowland The next link takes you directly to a prayer card I wrote for the youth of our country. Some people think it's a prayer for youth to pray. It is a prayer for everybody to pray for the youth of America and the World. The photo came from a picture I took at the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in London, England in 2013. Our church is in need of a Youth Minister. Please pray for us in that respect. Thanks. Prayer for the Youth Before I wrote the prayer card for our youth, I wrote a prayer for Father Timothy Kelly who was our priest for thirteen years. Here are two different prayer cards with the same prayer and different pictures which I took. Father Kelly was transfered to St. Jude's Catholic Church in Gun Barrel City, Texas. The image of the candle came from a picture I took of our altar candles. The picture of Father Kelly came from a photo I took of him at the Roselawn Perpetual Care Cemetery in Tyler, Texas, the Catholic section a few years ago. These are also large graphics. Be sure to click back to this page. Prayer for Father Kelly Prayer for Father Kelly The next prayer is one I wrote in 1999. I thought I was in Fort Worth but due to the date I must have been in Houston. I journaled extensively and many of my prayers and poems came from that. Too often I felt like a prisoner of my own body. I was reaching out to God so very hard and one day I decided God needed to be praised more. This was the result of that thinking. We too often do not praise God enough. On December 17, 1988 I was a passenger in a T-Bone fashion car wreck. A friend of mine was driving. I was the only one seriously injured. My face broke the windshield. The result was an arachnoid tear, a basilar skull fracture, and a left cerebellar hemmorhage. My journaling rendered many poems and prayers. This does nothing but praise God. The sunset picture was taken in our front yard I believe in 2016. I aimed high above the house tops and trees. Too many people try to use God like a microwave oven expecting answers to their prayers on their time schedule instead of waiting on God on His time schedule. God is not a mail order catalogue. This prayer can be printed as an 8x10, 5x7, 4x6. A cancer doctor asked permission to put it on a wall. She framed it as an 8x10 and put it on a wall in one of the exam rooms that did not have a lot of things on it already! She wanted it to be seen. WOW! My goal is for this prayer to go around the world but I need your help. Please pass this web address on and pass this prayer on. Let me know the country you are in and sending it to. I do not want names, just that you are passing it on. I call this Passing It Forward. Just click on Webmaster and send an email. THANKS! Praises Be To God The Praises Be To God as a bookmarker. It is a 2010 Word document with three on the page. Print it and cut each bookmarker out. Share them with friends, family, and even strangers you meet. Help me get this prayer around the world. God has blessed me. I want to PASS IT FORWARD. Thanks! Praise God Bookmarker Armor of God Prayer Reference Ephesians Praises A prayer for myself Prayer 1 A generic prayer Prayer for the USA In 2012 our country was in turmoil where politics was concerned. I take hundreds of photos of our American flag wherever we go. This picture has the flag in darkness on one side and light on the other but the lightings are trianguler in shape. My brother said he hoped it was not an omen for our country. Then these thoughts came to my mind and I added them with this flag photo. Please share the page. This is a direct link to the graphic, it is not on a webpage. Our country is in need of these positive thoughts. USA Flag - Prayerful Thoughts FOR WHAT ITS WORTH: Tropical Storm Edouard was on August 12, 2008 followed by Hurricane Gustav on September 1, 2008 followed by Hurricane Ike on Sepember 13, 2008. That is a reason for moving away from the coast. Do the math, all in one month's time. We evacuated for both hurricanes only weeks apart. When we got home after Gustav we did not unpack our belongings. Ike was brewing in the Gulf. I knew he was going to turn which he did. I braved the weather and took the videos of Edouard starting in the backyard where we had an eight foot high fence. The fence was swaying. Winds were 55 + mph. Tropical Storm Edouard, August 2008 While living in Carthage, Texas a female friend who was working for the Panola County Post newspaper asked if I would write an editorial with regards to what would eventually become known as the gay movement. This was in 1978. I was given a few documents and asked to do the research. The editorial was published and the owner of the newspaper asked me if I would hire on a reporter and photographer. I did and covered all events in Panola County. It is here to download as a pdf document. I scanned it in sections and put it together for download to be printed as an 8.5 by 11. This was 1978. Editorial Panola County Post 1978 GENEALOGY SECTION Genealogy has been a big part of my life. My brother did the Y-DNA test and I did the mt-DNA test and Family Finder with Famiy Tree DNA plus I tested with ancestry.com. My husband Alfred tested with FT-DNA. My son Bryan tested with 23andme. The Burke/Bourque/Bourg Patriarch Y-DNA: Haplogroup R-Z220 (R1b1a2a1a1b) Our Maternal mt-DNA: U5a2-C16294T (Ursula) My son's Patriarch (Langford) Y-DNA is J My husband's Hebert/Patriarch Y-DNA is R-P312 His maternal mt-DNA is Haplogroup H (Helena). If you want to know more contact the webmaster (me). Genealogy Helps and Links Genealogy Italian-Sicily In 2012 I was asked to do research on Professor Edwin Stephen Goodrich for the December 2013 Goodrich Family Association Gospel which is what they call their quarterly newsletter. There was a world family writers contest. My article was entered in the competition. Even though my article did not win, it was in the Goodrich Gospel newsletter which came in third place. That was exciting to me. My article is different than the ones I found with all my research. Instead of writing about his scientific expertise and making new pathways for science, I chronicaled his life. A genealogist group in England sent me the information for where Prof. Goodrich is buried. That took several years to locate. Professor E. Stephen Goodrich The next article I was asked to research for and write is about Four Union Soldiers buried in the Nashville National Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee. I wrote the article for the December 2010 edition of the Goodrich Family Association's Quarterly Newsletter. It is a story about Four Union Soldiers Buried in the Nashville National Cemetery. My husband and I drove to Nashville to take photos of the graves. The Four Union Soldiers were: 1. Harvey A Goodrich from Freedom, Ohio 2. William C Goodrich from Coles County, Illinois 3. Issac A Goodrich from Michigan 4. Elizur J Goodrich from Athens, Ohio County, Ohio Four Union Soldiers in National Cemetery Nashville ALFRED'S SECTION, My Triathlete Husband SCROLL down Alfred's awards page TO the SIGMA PHI EPISLON information. There are THREE GROUP PHOTOS taken at the 60th KING'S BALL. Right click is disabled but follow the links and they can be downloaded. I merged four photos together to get the one panaroma image. Alfred's awards Photos at World Triathlon Finals Love Poem for Alfred Happy 80th Birthday Alfred Separated Bike Lanes YES! WORLD WAR II SECTION - Dedicated to my birth father Private Harold M. Burke and my adopted father Tech. Corporal Charlie Bigler and all the brave men and women of our military. WWII Entry Page WWII Jukebox Purple Heart - Daddy Burke Tribute to Daddy Burke Caricature of Daddy Bigler Tribute to Daddy Bigler Slide Show Original photos Slide Show 2 Original photos The next link takes you to a Wisconsin Sunset photo taken by WWII veteran Richard Schwab, deceased, whom I met in the 2nd Division Arrowhead yahoo group many years ago. The music is a WWII song We'll Meet Again. Wisconsin Sunset WWII Links of Interest NOTE: The next link contains a pdf document I created with links for help for PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disease/Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Addictions. The addiction link was sent to me by a viewer of my website. Please DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT and pass it on to those you know who may need help from any of the websites listed. I created the list with personal information and as a pdf document so it can be downloaded and passed on. Click Here I experienced PTSD after a major car wreck. It lasted for years. I learned about the website listed below from a posting in the Friends_of_US_2nd_Infantry_Division_WWII which I am a member of. You have to be a member to post and view posts. This may be a good genealogy website for those who had family members who gave their lives in WWII. "The website of the Stichting Verenigde Adoptanten Amerikaanse Oorlogsgraven (Foundation United Adopters American War Graves) in the Netherlands, which was founded in July 2011. The purpose is for people to adopt a grave to keep the memory and honor of those who gave their lives. We also aim to help other adopters and relatives in their research. Therefore, you will find on our website various tips on where to find and request information on American soldiers who served in World War Two and who gave their lives for freedom." Foundation United Adopters American War Graves Special links for seniors or those who are no longer able to drive: Helping Those Who No Longer Can Drive Next is a webpage for Senior Road Safety but it can apply to many people. Senior Road Safety PRINCESS and SERVICE DOGS section It's a very long section with a lot of information. Documents for Pet food issues, service dog permit and how to nebulize a dog are all online for download. Best Friend - about Princess On A Wing and A Prayer With No Spare Princess' Hawaii Diary and Quarantine Pet Diet Information Please note that not all animals can become service animals without professional training. Guide dogs and mobility dogs must be professionaly trained. Your doctor has to sign the document but first must be fully aware of what your dog is capable of and convinced the dog does perform the service. I believe the law now is the service animal must be a dog. Check with your states laws regarding service animals to be sure they don't have to be professionaly trained. Princess was a seizure alert dog. Friends and neighbors told me what Princess would do before a seizure. I began to pay closer attention to her so I could get to safety and not fall. She was very much in tune to my body which helped me to learn my auras. From research I learned that the success rate for training seizure alert dogs is about eighty percent. The dog needs to be very fine tuned to its owner. Princess most definitely was fine tuned to my body and needs. It is also important to note that a service/guide dog must wear a service/guide dog vest. The vest with Service Animal on it helps eleviate problems. Some vests have pockets. You may read about them here: Why Your Service Dog Should Wear A Vest There you may also read and learn about the proper dog collar and vest for the service your service dog provides. The first vest I purchased for Princess was of a solid fabric. But living in a hotter climate she needed something cooler. So I purchased a vest with mesh inserts. A harness collar is better than a regular dog collar. There is more control of the dog with such a collar. You have probably noticed that guide dogs have harnesses. Service animals must be kept clean and be current for all vaccinations. I carried Princess' service animal permit in a pocket of her vest but it also included the purpose she served. So that was private medical information about me. It is illegal for anybody to ask for your medical information. However, it had to be shown when we were going to fly somewhere. At a cafeteria in Texas a food inspector told me to leave. She said to show her my medical records. I told her to show me hers and I would show her mine. It was illegal for her to ask. I reported the incident and her employer had to train all his employees with reference to service animals in public. Never allow anybody to intimidate you. I never sued. I always did arbitration. Princess and I educated a lot of people and businesses. Michael Lily, Atty at Law in Honolulu approved the document I created for a service dog. It is below in both html and pdf format. Service Animal Permit html document Service Animal Permit pdf document Note: Princess became very ill. The emergency doctor said he would write the prescription for the Albuterol if I can get instructions on how to nebulize a dog. I conferred with a doctor in Michigan and one on the ineternet and came up with the instructions which are in this next pdf document. I had a large dog crate and already had the nebulizer for myself. Using A Nebulizer On Dogs pdf document While living in Hawaii I became a member of the Coalition to End Quarantine. We succeeded in our mission. The next links take you to six testimonies with one being mine. They are all in pdf format. When I was still living in Hawaii I testified in person. After moving back to the states I had to write and fax my testimony which is what you will read from the documents below. I was the one who found the world compendium. The dates are a bit confusing to me. I don't remember why the different dates. Maybe we later had to fax what had been already sent. We had members all over the world. I praise God for my gift of words. Alba Conte Testimony Carolyn Bigler Testimony Catherine Robinson Testimony Chris Quackenbush Testimony Coralie Willett Testimony Linda Noelani Richard Testimony It may behoove you to check out the leash laws in your state. Some states do not have statewide leash laws but allow each county to set their own leash laws. Dog Leash Laws in the USA Next is a link to one of my profiles. Later I will be uploading photos of different things I have done. My clown character, Crystal, was born at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. While still living in Michigan I studied Middle Eastern Dance and performed. I also attended Christian Music Conferences in Kentucky and the Fellowship Of Christian Magicians workshops in Indiana. After moving to Hawaii, I studied the hula and performed at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu. My instructor was one of the hula competition judges, oh to be so fortunate. I have performed in seven of our United States. Also, I did the upholstery on the aumusement rides that used to be in the Fort Worth Stockyards. I even rode a mule throuhout the stockyards and rode a camel, all while wearing clown gear. Too cool! Throughout the years I did sewing and alterations as a hobby. All of this will be on new pages to be uploaded. It's retirement time with exception of photography, writing, my website, and miming the crucifixion. My mime presentation is an original I created. Would you like to learn how to do it? Examples of my Sewing Examples of my Upholstery My Profile CHRISTMAS PAGES: This drop down menu has pages in my website and some take you out of my website. They are added because I believe them to be very entertaining. The ones in alphabetical order are in my website. The next ones take you out of my website. There are games to play, how Santa School was started in the USA, Military entertaining with song and dance at a train station and more! In my website you can Email Santa and get an instant reply before your eyes. You can print the reply. Bookmark that page and pass it on. Adults can email Santa too, I do it every year. There is a Christmas Tree Jukebox! Merry Christmas and Enjoy!

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