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Taken 12/15/01 Ala Moana Center Honolulu, Hawaii Age: 61.

Taken 12/15/01 Ala Moana Center Honolulu, Hawaii Age: 61
You have to be local and in a troupe to perform at Center Stage.

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This is a video of me doing the hula at our wedding.
A crew member on the cruise ship used my camera to
take this video.

I was a transplant to Hawaii from April 2001 to May 2003 from Texas, 
the largest state to the smallest state so I was told. But I am back 
in Texas due to a knee injury in July 2002 and my health declining. 
The seizures came back too. I worked as a nurse part time; however, 
the state was going to pay for online training so I could start a business 
at home. The strain at work was getting to me but I kept quiet about it. 
I had already begun to seek another sit down job but there were too many 
people in Hawaii that are prejudiced to Haole's (white people). I also hurt
my right hip at hula lessons and used crutches at work for about two weeks. 
I believe there were things missed by Social Security. They did not consider 
my severe brain injury of December 1988. Click here for that story.

So much for the Hawaii experiences. I miss Hawaii but my return to Texas 
brought me back to my childhood playmate and high school sweetheart.
We married not long after my return and I let him know I was back. I wrote
a story about that too. "Return To My Childhood Sweetheart." It was published
in a Hawaii website. I will add that link if it is not already on my links page.

I have written some lovely poems, some because of Hawaii. I still miss her 
and my friends. Most of my costumes I designed and created. My hula instructor
aske me to design and make the hula dresses for my entire hula class. In the past
I was a seamstress. Most of the graphics in my website were created by me. I am
a photographer as a semi- professonal, not for hire. Prior to my brain injury
I did some freelance photography as a columnist for a few news papers. This 
Waikiki Sunset background was created by me. I have built websites but nothing 
for money. 

In Hawaii my hula name was KaniLe'a. My pen name is my Native American name
Moonlightflower; however, I now primarily use my given name Carolyn B. Hebert.

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