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This my favorite websites/links page. That means most of these links will take you out of my website.

The first links are for celebration of July 4th as celebrated in the United States. When and why the Stars Spangled Banner was written is long forgotten by many people. Sadly some people don't even honor the flag when it is raised. The story behind the Stars Spangled Banner The truth behind the Star Spangled Banner. Eastman Museum - History of Photography Early Photography and the Camera The next websites are directed mostly to the Catholic faith. Our church is expanding to accommodate the population growth. The Tyler, Texas area growth is expanding south. The expansion of our church parking lot is complete. Father Timothy Kelly was our priest when the construction began and with the planning for our new church building yet to be built. Father Kelly was transferred and is now teaching in Houston. Our current priest is a young priest, Father James Rowland. You will also love him. On Wednesdays we have an open pantry and serve the needy in the community with a meal. Donations are appreciated. St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church Living Faith Daily Devotions online The mass, devotionals, the bible and more are at the next four websites. Daily Meditations United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Catholic Bible online Frequently Asked Questions of the Catholic Faith The preview for PAUL THE APOSTLE OF CHRIST has been recorded and is on the website. The movie will start playing in theaters on Easter week-end. The trailer is available online; however, the preview hosts explanations for different scenes and the story behind the making of the movie. Formed - Christian resources The next several websites offer commentaries for the sacred scriptures and specific bible studies, program studies and short studies. For the study of the book of Revelations, the text books came from the CSC. The most recent study was Luke and now the study of Ephesians is almost complete. These studies are offered for free at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception near downtown in Tyler, Texas. The only fee is the cost of the textbooks. Videos are shown at each lesson. The courses run parallel with the school year. Please peruse each of the websites. You will surely find what you are looking for. If not, contact me via email to the webmaster, that's me. I'll try to help you. Catholic Scriptures Commentary Extra Study Resources Volumes and Authors Indepth Bible Studies Bible Reading Plan Catholic Bible Tribulation And Catholic Scriptures Reflecting on Tribulation The study of the Gospel of Luke and Ephesians will be interesting since Luke was Paul's scribe. The study of Luke is finished and the study of Ephesians is into the fourth lesson. I don't know what the study will in this next September but they are at the Cathedral downtown Tyler. CSSI is Catholic Scripture Study International. Study of Luke Mercy Gospel Study of Ephesians Paul CSSI-St Benedict Press Study Books The Word Among Us is a Catholic resource website for daily devotions and the daily mass readings. The Word Among Us We met two people at Braum's that were wearing t-shirts that had information about a mission in Bullard. I inquired what it was about and learned it is a mission to serve the needy in the Bullarad community but also reach out to needy outside the Bullard immediate area. They are a non-profit organization and are manned by volunteers. If you want to volunteer I suggest you contact then to find out what help is needed. They are new to the area having been established in November of 2017. They serve the community by offering food, clothing, medical help, and prayer. If you or someone you know are in need of any of these services please give them a call and or visit their website to find out what their hours of service are. The address in their website list Phillips as the address but it is also Rather which also is FM 344. Their phone number is (903) 894-0109. If you are in need or know someone who is in need of food, clothing, or medical help, or prayer please review the website for the information on their hours of service and their location. You might tell them you found their information on my website. That is a huge undertaking. My husband and I plan to visit to better understand their endeavor and mission. Thanks. Click on the icon to go to their website. The next three websites are where I have purchased music books which are used for mass. OCP Worship Resources GIA Worship Resources Dynamic Catholic Bibles, Books and more The Biblical Archaeology Society offers free-books and appreciates donations at the next website. Bible History Daily Download a free book about Mother Teresa of Calcuta. It is in pdf format. St. Teresa of Calcutta Book Mother Teresa's Canonization Ceremony in the Vatican The next site offers a magazine subscription which I subsribe to. Biblical Archaeology Baker Academic Publishing Baker Bookstore Zondervan's Bookstore Yea!! Half Price Books now has a store in Tyler in the new shopping center, The Village at Cumberland Park north of Toll Road 40. They are next to Joann Fabrics. I started shopping with Half Prices books when they first opened in Dallas on Greenville Ave. Please read their story. All shelves were built by their employees. Too cool! Half Price Books Tyler, Texas store Some of my work is in Love Stories Hawaii and are linked below. A Phone Call From Hawaii Returned To My Childhood Sweetheart When I Dream Many of my poems in Starlite Cafe have been deleted because their system would not allow me to modify them. However, due to content, I left some where the graphics show wrong or do not display at all. The poems are still readable. As time goes by I will be adding a lot of those poems back to this website. If you find any of my poems in Starlite Cafe you are interested in you may want to request to purchase a collection. Thank you. My Starlite Cafe Poems The next website, E-bags, has many interesting items of which have RFID Blocking. My first encounter with them was when preparing for our trip to London and Paris. I purchased E-bags packing cubes to keep our clothing organized, a Pac-Safe purse, credit/debit card holders which are called boarding pouches and are worn under the shirt or blouse. They all have RFID Blocking. Plus I also purchased their Pac-Safe luggage. My husband was reluctant to wear the small pouch under his shirt but once we were packed and ready to leave, he was glad I purchased these products. Consider using an RFID product for your camera or sports gear. Be sure to look for the letters RFID Blocking for safer travel anywhere, locally or elsewhere. Regarding RFID Blocking: U.S. passports issued starting in 2006 have RFID tracking chips. RFID chips work by using radio waves to communicate. Credit cards, debit cards, micro chips implanted in pets, and many more things have RFID chips. How can we protect a micro chip in our pets from being scanned? I need to do research on that. In theory somebody can scan through your pocket or purse and retrieve your personal information. The use of RFID Blocking is to prevent remote scanning. e-Bags Start here before you travel Wheelchair Travelers Help While preparing the food for our new hummingbird feeders my husband came across the instructions to add a "glug" of something. The Local Palate explains unusual cooking measurements i.e. what is a glug? Although that may be new a term for us, I thought I knew what it meant but did a search for it. As an added bonus, I also found this next website which explains why we cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Be sure to read the 101 of Olive Oil at California Olive Ranch or go here: 101 of Olive Oil We were looking forward to when our fragrant Sweet Tea Olive Trees blossomed; however, they did not survive the winter months. My husband left a lot of our plants in the garage and they became root bound. My son came over to help plant them. One Camelia plant did not survive the winter either. We may be purchasing more Olive Trees and did plant more Camelia plants but locally from Lowes. However, Brighter Blooms offer sales. Brighter Blooms Art Supplies discounted: Jerrys Artarama An ebuddy of mine who is also a relative on my great great grandmother's side is also a paralegal. She lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. Please check out her paralegal website, especially if you are in need of her services. NOTARY TOUTE SUITE, LLC She also has photos for sale on etsy. LaPhotoShoppe-Mandy There are more and more bikers on the roads and I don't mean motorcycles. Check out Separated Bike Lanes YES! NOTE: The next link contains a pdf document I created with links for help for PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disease/Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Addictions. The addiction link was sent to me by a viewer of my website. Please DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT and pass it on to those you know who may need help from any of the websites listed. I created the list with personal information and as a pdf document so it can be downloaded and passed on. I experienced PTSD after a major car wreck. It lasted for years. Click Here Special links for seniors or those who are no longer able to drive: Helping Those Who No Longer Can Drive Etsy is a website that offers handmade and vintage items. I have purchased adult bibs and waterproof items on this website. The shop I frequent is Creative Quilts And Etc. Her work is excellent. Sharon and her husband John also offer hand carved items. Be sure to tell them Carolyn Hebert sent you. Creative Quilts and Etc. Next is a webpage for Senior Road Safety but it can apply to many people. Senior Road Safety The Hawaii section will be added back to my website. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii or planning a Luau, you will appreciate that section. I lived in Hawaii and was a member of a hula troop. Hawaii Magazine online Expansion for Papahanaumokuakea Approved Princess was my Service Dog and a gift from my daughter, Lydia. My neighbors told me what Princess would do before a seizure and so I started paying attention to her. There is a section for Princess in my website linked on my list/poem page. You may also purchase her book at,, barnesandnoble, Barnes and Noble also has my book as a Nook. Do a search for "Princess and the Caterfly: life as a blind service dog and cancer survivor" and you will find it all over the web. I wrote it in 2009 hoping to complete it before she died. She had to be put to sleep in 2011 a few days short of her seventeenth birthday. Something her veterinarian did to her forced the issue. Go to her section here to read more about her. Paws For A Cause trains dogs for different handicaps such as mobility, blindness, hearing, and seizures. Princess was very much in tuned to my body. It was a natural connection that could not have been trained. Paws With A Cause My list of Genealogy Helps and Links is a long list of resources for research. The page is also listed on my poem/list page. Genealogy Helps and Links The next link is where we purchased our large air purifier. We were fortunate to get ours at a sale price. This is used in our great grand room (living, dining, breakfast, kitchen areas as one huge room). These type air purifiers are not in stores. For the bedrooms we use smaller air purifiers purchased at Lowe's in Tyler. Air Purifiers Three websites of interest with regards to coughs and sneezes and the flu: The first one shows a manequin that is used in the medical field that physically shows what happens when a person coughs. Coughing Robot Spews 'Flu Germs' How Long Are We Contagious With the Flu, this is a funny well put together video that show how contgious we are when we cough and how long we are contagious with a cough and the flu. Coughs and the Flu When to seek medical care or go to the hospital. You will be surprised. When to seek medical care for Flu NASA did egress testing of the Orion Space Capsule in the Gulf of Mexico when we were in Galveston in July 2017. I took pictures of the Orion while going out on the Sunset Cruise. That was an unexpected event and most exciting. THEY ARE USING SOLAR ENERGY which makes this an extremely important and interesting event in history. On this next link you can get caught up to date on what has been transpiring. Please do keep up with this. The year 2018 will be a very important year in history for space travel. Splashdown for Orion We frequent Galveston but a beach outting is usually to take sunset pictures or pictures of the waves and occasionaly catch a rare picture of a Whooping Crane and other fowl that either inahabit or frequent the area. It is a bird watchers paradise. We attended part of the Featherfest Festival in April 2016. At the links below you will learn more about lifeguards, what the flag colors mean, the beach conditions, events and more. Galveston Island Beach Patrol Galveston WebCams Galveston Beaches Galveston, Texas We purchased a gases monitor from Coburn's in Tyler. The cost was a little over $200 on sale. Click here for a picture of the INFIVON Gas Meter. It can catch more gases than the The Flint/Gresham Fire Department's meter. Theirs catches only four gases. We met two fire department employees at the Subway in Gresham on Old Jacksonville Hwy. Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 after church. They initiated conversation which is how we learned about their gases meter. Plus they only walk through your home. You turn the meter on outside first, then walk through your home. If the meter doesn't beep right away, you place the nozzel close to or next to where a leak may be. It will make a beeping noise. There are several lights on the meter. The louder it beeps, the more lights are lit. Ours lit around the base of our toilets, in the guest bathroom bathtub drain and in one of the sinks in the master bathroom. The louder the gases meter beeps the worse the leak and you might need to evacuate your home. It does not tell which gas is the problem only that there is a gas leak.We already had a Carbon Monoxide Monitor. that is what saved our lives. You also cannot smell carbon monoixide. If you do not have a CO monotor get one. I had carbon monoxide poisoning in 2015 and was hospitalized several times within less than six weeks. Nursing staff in the emergency room had to work hard to save my life. If you want to know the symptoms send me an email. However, a burning in my chest, throat and nose was the first indicator accorging to the guy at ERI (Environmental Research Institute). They are now called Environmental Consulting Inc. We had Carbon Monoxide leak from our furnace, sewer gas leaks from when we flushed our toilets, and mold in the kitchen and in the master bathroom. ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> This next link is for the consulting firm that does air quality testing. ERI Consulting, Inc. ServPro of Tyler is who did the mold remediations. We have the certifications from ERI Consulting, Inc. that the two remediations were done and passed inspections. (kitchen and master bathroom) ServPro Tyler Our computer technician recommended the next website to download free programs and trial versions of programs. It is safe/trusted website. It is necessary to download their download tool which will also download the program or programs you select. Most are free. Some are trials versions. I suggest researching what a program does before you download a free or trial version. Ninite Free Downloads A viewer of my website sent the below link. I first did a search for it and found other such websites. However this one alone has links to access every state in the union. So now it is part of my website. Thank you. She said with this website she was successful at finding correct numbers with this one website. U.S. Court System I added this next website since it is the U. S. Government website for the court systems. It too is very informative. U. S. Courts This next website is interesting too. I have always enjoyed reading about former presidents. This next website is the Miller Center: American Presidents Resource. American Presidents Resource This webpage was found by accident searching for the distance between Tyler and New Orleans. Distance between US Cities This is a fun site. Can you name the cars by the subtle hints? Name that Car Below are links to class websites for around my hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. NOTE: Like many TJHS graduation classes from the Port Arthur, Texas area, the class of 1958 has an alumni group in Facebook. The class of 1956 photos are still in The Guidrey News. They also have a 60th reunion coming up in October. I need to find out more information about the Graduate Museum before I add it back as a section in here. TJHS Class of '56 2006 Reunion Pictures Click on the drop down menu, select a page and then click on GO.

Texas Golden Triangle Area Class WebSites

Newspapers and sites of special interest: Port Arthur News Mid-County Chronicle Nederland, TX Guidry News - Galveston, Texas Beaumont Enterprise Houston Chronicle Tyler, Texas Newspaper KLTV Tyler, Texas The Police News Reuploaded per special interest request: Historical Marker Childhood Home Janis Joplin To translate from one language to many others at the same time. Online website builder helps. You will find a color chart and many pages of what they call cheat sheets for html, CSS, and more. Nice Translater Power Karaoke is where you can purchase the media player to be able to play Karaoke music on your computers. It is where I purchased my Karaoke Media Player. It is a download or download the trial version first. Power Source Karaoke My sister belonged to this charitable organization, Quota International. They have a new website. They also have a magazine to download in pdf format. Quota International For travel reviews we use Trip Advisor where I do reviews of everywhere and every place we go. They have me as a top reviewer. So, you are forwarned if you are a place we might visit. Ironically I did a negative review of a restaurant and they used one of my pictures for their ad in Trip Advisor. That's too funny. I photographed their menu, the one nice thing about them. Trip Advisor A member of our church is a landscape architect. Check out his website. David and his wife are devout Christians. Texas Land Archichitect - David Scarborough This link is for Chuck Quackenbush, former Insurance Commissioner for the state of California. I met him and his wife Chris while my serice dog, Princess, and I were living in Hawaii. I edited the photos, created the graphics, input the code and taught Chris how to upload the files. Chuck Quackenbush Website This link is for the Lee County School Board website where you will find "Chris" Rita Quackenbush in Florida. "Chris" was a friend of mine from when her family lived in Hawaii when Princess and I lived there too. She and I were part of the Coalition to end quarantine in Hawaii. FYI: information about that will be on another page. If you meet Chris please let her know you found her information on my website. Thanks and Aloha! Chris - Lee County School Board Hawaii Christmas Cards A very frightening aspect of being older and work injured. The Theft of Dignity This next site offers information for the USA state by state and informative articles. You can share your story here too. Workers Compensation Laws The next link takes you to the Scooter store we deal with in Tyler. They are nice people and accountable. My large scooter was purchased in 2004. I have a prescription for it. However, for trips where we have to fly this is where we purchased a portable scooter. Richard is who we usually deal with. Access2Mobility is a sales and service for new and used wheelchairs, vans, scooter and power chairs. They are a complete mobiity solution. Tell them Carolyn and Alfred sent you. They will treat you right. Access 2 Mobility Tyler The Charley Project profiles over 7,000 "cold case" missing people mainly from the United States and links to over 500 missing person related websites. It does not actively investigate cases; it is merely a publicity vehicle for missing people who are often neglected by the press and forgotten all too soon. The Charley Project is perpetually under construction and should get more features as time passes. The Charley Project - Missing Persons The link below brings you to the Jim "Catfish" Hunter Chapter of the Walk to D'Feet ALS in North Carolina. Alfred's nephew, retired Marine Major Randy Hebert, a Persian Gulf War veteran, has ALS and lives in North Carolina. Walk to D'Feet ALS The mission of Justice for All is to train thousands who will help make abortion unthinkable for millions, one person, one conversation at a time. The hallmark of university communities is being open to and even-handed in the exploration of ideas. Justice For All Exhibits explore when human life begins, review abortion facts, and question arguments for maintaining the status quo. All should want accurate abortion information and be increasingly wary of slogans that purport to solve the moral issues behind abortion, whether they be viewed as pro-choice or pro-life. Spend a few minutes reviewing the Exhibit to see if you agree that abortion is an unthinkable human injustice. Justice For All Click here to search for your state's Right to Life organization SeniorNet Annuity Basic Guide For Retirement Internet Movie Database Olde Time Cooking and Nostalgia 40's and 50's Websites for Cowboy Stars/Movies Input a zip code in either weather website below. Get graphical and text forecasts for the next five days, a quick look at the national radar and satellite, travel forecasts, and more! Intellicast The Weather Website When we evacuated for hurricane Ike my external drive did not survive the trip. This company restored my files and placed them on a new portable external drive. WOW! They have a protection plan. It's more economical to purchase a protection plan than it is for the cost of paying for the recovery I guarantee. But it was well worth it. CBL Data Recovery CCleaner is free to download. My computer tech uses this. CCleaner Freeware Windows Optimization Below are links to websites to search and find out if an email message or a website is true, a hoax or if a url or website is for real or SCUM. Net Lore Snopes Urban Legends and Folklore Urban Legends Scumware ALERT! A source for self publishing: "We're free No set-up fees. No minimum order. No risk. We print and ship each book as it's bought. We're fast Super-mega-crazy fast. You can publish and order within minutes. You keep control Even if it sounds too good to be true. You control the design, copyright and price." This is where I published my book for Princess. Her book can be purchased here on Lulu, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other websites. Just do a search for Princess and the Caterfly: life as a blind service dog and cancer survivor by Carolyn Bigler Hebert or just Princess and the Caterfly by Carolyn B Hebert. The book might still come as an e-book. The book is letter size and filled with photos and my sketches. Fight Spam! Click Here! NOTICE: Traumatic Brain Injury Websites created by or for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors. The Dark Blue Knight is an ebuddy of mine downunder in Australia. He is a retired police officer who became brain injured. See below. Dark Blue Knight Australia Vince Bell New Mexico Dan Windheim New York Linda Fullerton New York I was a brain injury nurse when I became brain injured and this is my website. If you have questions just ask. I plan to add some information about brain injuries and also battles with social security. Wait till you see pictures of the wreck I was in and social security said I could go back to work as my previous position as a secretary. I was a nurse and had so many restrictions on me if i was a secretary I would not have been able to perfom the job. They also said I was only depressed and had carpal tunnel syndrome which could be corrected with surgery. Fact: I had a subdural hemmorhage, a fractured skull, and diagnosis closed head brain injury and more. They did not pull all of my medical records and called my nutritionist one of my doctors. Somebody transcribed the word phythiatrist to psychiatrist. Talk about messy situations. These are two entirely different types of physicians. That information will be put back as a separate section in my website called "The Caterfly." Read what Linda Fullerton has to say please. And me, your webmaster Texas A message from Linda Fullerton, President and Co-Founder of the Coalition for Social Security Disability Reform. "Nobody should have to endure the hell that this system imposes on the disabled of this country. So the best we can do is tell everyone what is going on and fight back. There is a reason that both of us are not dead yet and in my case I guess this is it. Good luck and be well." Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) It was through this organization that I was able to go to classes for the computer. They also helped me with uniforms and eyeglasses to be able to attempt to go back into the workforce. The Hawaii Rehabilitation Services also helpe me with equipment to attempt to built my own business building websites. However, once back in Texas, the government would not allow the expenses as a tax deduction. The business never got off the ground. Several years ago, a friend of mine had built a website for Florence Coleman, our dance teacher we had in our youth. He could no longer maintain it and asked if I would. Editing his text and photos and creating new graphics, I made it a new section in my website. A few former students also sent me photos. It might go back up again, not right away. Thank you for your patience. NOTE: If you are interested in the Florence Coleman section being back online, let me know. Goodwill Industries is where I took the classes to learn Microsoft Office. Texas Rehab. paid for those classes. DARS Dept of Rehabilitation Hawaii Rehab. Commission Goodwill Industries Christmas has passed but you might want to bookmark this next website. It takes you out of my website but it is a fun site where you can track Santa on Christmas Eve but play games and learn about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. Track Santa Claus and Play Games This next page is very entertaining and will brighten up your Christmas. It begins with a military person playing the drums in the courtyard of a train station and ends with an entire corps entertaining with song and dance. Be sure to pass this one on too. Military Entertaining at Train Station

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