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There is a new birth in our family!

Mama, Papa, and Their Babies

This page is dedicated to the new births in our family. A mama Carolina Wren has made her nest in an old miniature cedar chest/box I was going to throw away. But my husband noticed a nest in the box so we left it. This year again there was a nest but with what he thought was only two eggs. Eventually he saw two more eggs. Then four baby birds hatched. She feeds them on a fairly regular schedule several times a day. We are watching them very closely. This box is right outside our back door on the top shelf of a bookcase. So we can watch from the breakfast table when the back door is open. We watch through the security storm door. The distance I am from this nest while sitting at the table is about ten feet. My husband takes pictures in front of the little box when he goes to the back yard. But there isn't enough light to see far inside the box to see everything. When the storm door is open it does open in front of that box. That is how close it is to the house. That little mama bird found a pretty much secure home for her babies. It is out of the weather and in a corner of a brick house. You will see that in the photos.
That small cedar chest/box is something all the gals received from a furniture store when we graduated from high school in the 1950s. It is a small cedar chest used to keep our jewelry, notes, or anything small. It was coming apart so I glued it but I glued the wrong pieces. By leaving it outside I thought it might start coming unglued. Instead it started coming apart more and is being used as a home for a Carolina Wren mama bird and her babies. I guess the papa Carolina Wren should be included in that. A lady I met in is a birder. She and her husband go on bird watching trips. I uploaded a photo to the directory for my website and she told me she thought it was a type of Wren. So I began my own search. She verified my find. It's a Carolina Wren. This bird is the state bird for the state of South Carolina. We keep the curtain pulled back so we can watch and monitor the situation. Yesterday there were four BlueJays in the Oak tree on the hill, which is the high part of our property behind our back yard. A beautiful red Cardinal chased them away! Keep checking back because this page is under construction. More photos will be added later. And graphics and different music will be added. Patience please. Thanks!
Today is Wednesday, March 29, 2017: There are now two Carolina Wrens feeding these babies. Since one is slimmer than the other we are presuming both the mama and the papa are feeding these babies. The babies must be getting more feathers and soon will be ready to be trained for flight. Our concern for that is they are on the top shelf of a bookcase on the patio where beneath them is a short ledge and then the concrete floor. They are definitely getting bigger. My husband could see them from where he was sitting at the table but it was not a good vantage point for taking pictures. We set up one of my cameras on a tripod next to where I sit at the table. Hopefully that will help to be able to get more pictures. I have been able to get pictures of both of them. One was perched on the back fence looking both ways in the back yard and the other was on the ground looking for seeds I guess. Grasses are polinating right now. She does feed them insects. At the end of the day or evening on Thursday I hope to upload a few photos. There are a few videos but most are short. Both the mama and the papa are making quick trips to and from the nest today. I will try to remember to post the date and time each photo was taken.

The links will take you directly to the files. So be sure to click back here. They are all very large files. The video will download and then you have to open it. We use Windows Media. Be sure to open it full screen. The movie starts really slow. The mama bird is really not doing anything for a few frames, just sitting there. However, I am going to see if I can edit out the first few frames. Again, patience please.

Click here photo of Papa bird feeding babies.

Click here for video of Mama bird feeding babies.

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