To open links in a new browser window select the box at the end of this page. Click here to listen to Chariots of Fire. Open in Windows Media Player. The music will play until you stop it. My sister Molly said if there ever was a remake of Chariots of Fire, Alfred would be the star. I miss her! An upate 16 Nov 2020: We are making Alfred's room a trophy room. His trophy award plaques for winning sailing races and speer fishing are on the wall next to the bookcase and the triathlon plaques are on the shelves on the bookcase. Hurricanes totaled the sailboats. The opposite wall will be a story board with photos of him with his awards for the triathlons with both the plaques and the ribbons. I took all of the photos except for California. He went there alone. I edited that photo to remove the truck in the background. Alfred participated in two or more triathlons each year, with more and more as each year passed. His last and final year 2013 he participated in six triathlons. That is a lot of triathlons, training, and traveling to the events. He participated in only one Duathlon. At the luncheon the night before the duathlon he received an award for being in The Top Five In His Age Group for The South Midwest Region which encompasses, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. We did not know of these awards. What a surprise! His final year 2013, he competed at the WORLD TRIATHLON FINALS held in the cold waters of Lake Serpentine in Hyde Park in London, England. He finished 18th in the world in his age group. He had to rank in our state of Texas (first) to be able to compete in the national finals (sixth) to qualify for the world finals. He did that twice. At the world finals he finished 18th in his age group! WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR A 76 YEAR OLD!

Alfred's Triathlon Accomplishments

MY SUPER HERO! Alfred started competing in sprint triathlons in 2005 at 67 years of age. His last triathlon was the World Sprint Triathlon Finals in London, England at the age of 76. That means at his last triathlon ALFRED REPRESENTED THE UNITED STATES AS A MEMBER OF TEAM USA. For videos of the triathlons scoll the page. Below is a list of his accomplishements in 2011 and 2013. His last triathlon was the World Sprint Triathlon Championship Finals. What a way to end a career! 1.) EIGHTEENTH in his age group, World Sprint Triathlon Championship Finals, Hyde Park, London, England, September 13, 2013. (the cold water of Lake Serpintine for the swim) Click here for a collage of Alfred's London triathlon photos. His uniform is Team USA. The link below has some footage of the London triathlon. You will find Alfred in the video and my name, Carolyn Hebert, in the photo credits. In London when Alfred went for bike check and to rack his bike he was wearing a 3/4 length black coat not his Team USA workout suit. He is easy to spot (a big laugh here). It rained almost the entire event in London. Video by Bob Palmatier. Alfred's number in London was 22002 (22,002) and in Milwauki 3576 (3,576). Those numbers give you an idea of how many triathletes were competing. And that doesn't count spectators. Video: World Triathlon Championship Finals 2013 London The next award qualified Alfred to go to the World Sprint Triathlon Championship Finals. 2.) SIXTH in his age group, USAT National Sprint Triathlon Championships, Milwaulkee, Wisconsin, August 11, 2013. In the Nationals video linked next, Alfred is the first runner you see just after the Flash Ahead graphic shows on screen and then again from a different angle. That was the finish line. You will see Alfred missed 5th place by two seconds. That guy sprinted the last ten yards to overtake Alfred. Pretty good for a 76 year old. Bob Palmatier, another triathlete, put the videos together. Thanks Bob! Video: National Olympic and Sprint Championship 2013 Wisconsin This next video does not have Alfred in it; but, I added this Endurance footage so you can get an idea of what goes on at a triathlon, swim, transition area, bike, transition area, run, finish line, transition area, and awards later. Nationals in Wisconsin-Endurance Video 3.) FIRST in his age group, IHL Sprint Triathlon, Longview, Texas April 21, 2013 The next award made Alfred second in the state which qualified him to go to the Nationals Triathlon in Wisconsin. 4.) Second in his age group, State Senior Games, San Antonio, Texas April 7, 2013 5.) FIRST in his age group 75-79 - 28th Annual Athens Sprint Triathlon, Athens, Texas March 16, 2013 6.) SECOND in his age group 75-79 - Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon, Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth. Texas, February 17, 2013. This was his first Duathlon. The night before the event there was an awards banquet where he received an Award for being in The Top Five In His Age Group for The South Midwest Region which encompasses, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Below is his photo taken at the awards banquet. What a nice surprise! 7.) IN THE TOP FIVE Triathletes for the USAT South Midwest Region. This is not a complete list. Click here for a list Alfred's awards. It is in pdf format. There were over two dozen triathlons spanning an eight year period.

photo of Alfred at award banquet

Visit this website South Midwest Region Website to learn more about it. We are happy campers here in the Tyler area. It is very conducive to training and a super place for me to take pictures on any subject. The next photo on this page is Alfred at the finish line in Galveston 2011. I edited the picture by making the center of the original picture a transparency, taking Alfred out of the original picture. I resized the finish line and after recreating the numbers using the numbers from the last person to finish, I created Alfred's numbers and then after overlaying that picture over Alfred's this is the finished product. The finish line was very large which made the triathletes look very small.

photo of Alfred at finish line in Galveston

The photo of Alfred in front of Bicycle Sports in Beaumont was not an easy task. He is wearing a First Place Ribbon for a Senior Games triathlon held in Temple, Texas. Eric, the owner of Bicycle sports is a friend of ours. His place of business is where Alfred purchased his Specialized bike and the Power Tap for his bike. For this picture I had to crop out the medal, resize it, make it a transparency, crop out Alfred too and recreate the photo.

photo of Alfred in front of Bicycle Sports

Alfred's high school graduation class had their 50th Reunion on August 4th and 5th 2006. This next link takes you to pictures in the Guidry News website. TJHS Class of 1956 50th Class Reunion Pictures 2006

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Click here for a picture of me in London. Alfred took the picture. I blacked out the people in the background since they were strangers to us. This next link takes you to a biking website someone referred me to. You will find safety items in the site but this webpage speaks of specific bike lanes for safety which would also mean more bikers can ride on the streets. More and more states are going to this. Texas should be one of them. Please pass this information on. Thanks. Separated Bike Lanes YES!

Alfred's fraternity, SIGMA PHI EPSILON, held their 60th Anniversary King's Ball on Saturday March 4, 2017. We attended and had a great time. They sat Alfred, me and Lamar Roach at the head table. Alfred and Lamar were the only original pledges there from when they began in 1957. Everybody we interacted with were very friendly. As for the live band Mid-Life Crisis, in my opinion they are competition for the Boogie Kings. Note: The event photos were put on a disc and mailed to Don Burnett. Below is the Sigma Phi Epsilon King's Ball Group Photo, Lamar University Chapter, Beaumont, Texas plus links to two more. The measurements are close in all three. The resolutions are different. One has the SigEp Logo on top. I had to merge four photos to create the panorama. The one on this page measures 20.861 inches by 5.444 inches and 1502 pixels by 392 pixels. The one with the SigEp Logo on top measures 21.361 inches by 7.389 inches and 1538 pixels by 532 pixels. The third one with high resolutions measures 20 inches by 5.220 inches and 4000 pixels by 1044 pixels. Printing either of the photos from a download, you will need to deselect fit to page to get the entire photo on the page. The picture will print down the center of the paper. FYI: It took four photos to create the panorama. I chose the best four of all the pictures I took. I pieced them together and took one person's head from another photo and pasted it to him in this final photo. That was not an easy task and the final product is seamless. Yes, you may 'pat me on the back.' Big smile here! Right click is disabled but if you click here you can download this picture. For a top border click here For higher resolutions click here

For this next photo, I scanned the image of the fraternity flag and resized it. I scanned Alfred's picture from the Lamar University yearbook, edited it for clarity, put borders around it, put his name and the graduation year on it. Then I opened the group picture and added a large white border and trimmed it top and bottom. Then I resized the flag and Alfred's photo and added them to the group photo. To print it, I printed it as a full photo which is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, put a white mate around it and framed it as an 11 x 14 inch photo. Click on the word flag to open it in a new window and save the image. There is still white space top and bottom but the photo looks nice on the wall above the Fraternity Emblem Photo. When Alfred passes away, the fraternity picture will be passed on to his nephew, Chris Guy.

Photographer, Alfred's wife, Carolyn Bigler Hebert.

photo of Sigma Phi Epsilon Group Photo
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