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A Nation United Under God, 2001

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Enemy, We will never forget September 11, 2001. You changed the sky-line of New York City And you changed US as a Nation. We are wiser, We will be stronger and Stand taller than The Twin Towers Ever did. Nobody will ever take US down. Our spirits will soar ten times higher than The Twin Towers once stood. Enemy, You are not looking down on our Fallen Ones, They are looking down on you.
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For them, We are on a mission. We are coming after you. Not for revenge, but for justice and Being A Nation United Under God, We know He is standing With Us. Written by Ann Sullivan Copyright © September 20, 2001
The Rising World Trade Center Never underestimate U.S. Enemy, We said we were on a mission. We were coming after you. We did just that and we got you. We are wiser, we are stronger and we stand taller than the Twin Towers Once stood. The New York City sky-line will once again Shine and it will be the symbol of victory. Our spirits will soar ten times higher Than the new Trade Center That is on the horizon. Those that never came home are no longer Lost. Their names surround forever Changing waterfalls, at times with a Rainbow. The waterfall; the symbol of tears from those waiting for a loved one to come home. The Rainbow; the symbol of their loved ones Smiling down on them and a reminder God is watching. The names; Loved ones will be able to Connect by Touching them and bring peace and comfort that the lost are Now found and justice has Been served. Enemy We are A Nation United Under God. Never underestimate U.S. Copyright © August 29, 2011 Ann Sullivan New York City In your darkest hour you shined, you Stood tall and you held your head Up high and you made U.S. proud. Copyright © September 3, 2011 Ann Sullivan

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The photo is the Twin Towers prior to 09/11/2001. In memory of our Fallen Stars Tower of lights reaching into the skies, Taking the place of our Fallen Stars Are leading the way for the Now, Angels Among Us, Near, but yet so far. Copyright © March 30, 2002 Ann Sullivan


Ann's poem may also be seen in the website linked below, Celebrate Love. Click on the logo then scroll to her link. Ann and I met online in March 2000, on the phone in 2011, and in person May 2006.

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The webpage that this poem was listed, no longer exists.

The USS New York was built from scrap metal taken from the Twin Towers. The ship was commissioned in the fall of 2009.

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BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan. The untold stories. One boat started and others followed suit. Produced and directed by Eddie Rosenstein. Eyepop Productions, Inc.

The Boat Rescues

Risng From the Ashes

WTC Elevator Ride Time Lapse 1500 to Current

This next link takes you to five videos about rebuilding the Twin Towers. They were produced by Steven Spielberg. Regardless of how many years it has been since the 911 incident, it is important to remember how our country pulled together. That to me is important to revive.

Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

These poems are available for download in pdf form. To download Ann's poem. A Nation United Under God Click here. To download Ann's poem The Rising Trade Center in pdf format Click here To download Moonlightflower's Poem Know Happiness, Experience Sorrow Click Here.

Words from Ann: "This poem was on display in 400 commercial offices at Ground Zero, New York City. Also, It was hand carried by Special Forces to Iraqi to share with our troops. I have made several hundreds of copies and have sent them to private homes, police stations and fire stations from New Hampshire to California. I also refused to sell this poem. I did not want to profit from such a horrific act. I felt this poem had to be the thoughts of all the Nation. Therefore, I was just pleased that everyone got to read their thoughts in the form of my poem." Ann wanted you to know how this page came to be. In Sept. 2011 she sent this poem to me. I was living in Hawaii at the time. I told her it belonged on the web. She said she didn't know how to do it and her son could not do it. I told her I could do it and I did. Pictures and other websites were sent to me and I wrote back to check my website because I had more pictures and mine were lake applets. Plus, Ann's poem was better. The code for the applets require java which is blocked by many browers nowadays. That made the pictures look like they were by the water. That is how her poems got to be online. I, Carolyn Bigler Hebert, put them here. The other poem of hers came later. My poem was inspired by the 911 incident too and can be downloaded on this page too. I sent Ann's A Nation Under God poem and my poem To Know Happiness, Experience Sorrow to our priest. He told his secretary to write a report on those two poems. To date I have not seen the report. But that was a compliment. When this page first went up, another friend sent me an email and said, "I think you have something these people want." That was I sent this webpage to them. The end result was receiving honors with it and being placed on their website. That section no longer exists. I also received an email congratulating me for this page. Instead of sending an email to Ann, I called her. That was our first contact other than emails. Then when my high school sweetheart and I got back together, she talked us into going to New Hampshire and having our wedding up there. We did. That was our first contact in person. She made our wedding cake and we stayed at their house. As she suggested we had a Hawaiian style wedding on a cruise ship on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. She and her husband were our witnesses. Six months later our priest blessed our marriage at our church in Port Neches, Texas. Another friend created an animated graphic to go in the guestbook I created strictly for this page. I probably will not upload that guestbook but the notations are probably still there.

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