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Moonlightflower is the name I chose for my Native American heritage and it is also my pen name. My research revealed we are descended from the Chitimacha, not Cherokee like we were told as children. There is Cherokee on the Goodrich side but it comes from the wife's side of a Goodrich which is not in direct line with my brother, sister, and me. Further back in our family history there is MicMaq Indian. Many Americans can probably trace back to some Native American in their bloodline, some direct and some not direct descendancy. My Y-DNA: Haplogroup R-P312, the same as my husband's; however, I carried the testing out further and ended up with R-Z220 R1b1a2a1a1b (Patriarch tree) My mt-DNA: U5a2-C16294T (Maternal tree) This is a rare DNA and is the oldest DNA of known living DNA. My husband's Y-DNA: Haplogroup - R-P312 sane as mine R1b1a2a1a1b (Patriarch tree) The difference between mine and my husband's was a mutation at the end of this line. I did a deep clade on my husband's and my brother's DNA and will have to find the document on that and will post it another day. My husband's Mt-DNA is Haplogropu H - HVR1 16223R and HVR2 263G and 315.1C (maternal tree) This is rare and it matches Marie Antoinette's. However, she did not have children. So this would be on her maternal line. It is important to note that Maternal mt-DNA is passed on from mother to mother to mother and on just like the paternal Y-DNA is passed on from father to father to father and on. That can be confusing. The last name of the mother changes to that of her husband's making females more difficult to trace. Whatever a male ancestor's mt-DNA is in your direct descendancy will not be your mt-DNA because it came from his mother's side which is not your maternal tree but his. If you want to know more, email the webmaster, that's me. To ENTER my website, click on the Native American Image.
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NOTES: As you browse this website, keep in mind the webmaster is a retired brain injury nurse who is a brain injury survivor. Do NOT ever underestimate the recovery of brain injury survivors or anyone with a handicap or disability. I am a high level survivor and as a nurse I worked with severely injured brain injury survivors. Psalms 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. KJV If a page takes you out of my website, be sure to click on the back button on your browser to come back or bookmark my website.


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