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Moonlightflower is the name I chose for my Native American heritage and it is also my pen name. Through my research I found the tribe was Chitimacha, not Cherokee like we were always told. I am also descended from French, Anglo Saxon, and Irish, born and reared in southeast Texas. The photos in this site will be changing as will the content. There will also be some of my photography for sale. I created most of the graphics in this website to include the animations. If you have popup blocker enabled you will need to deselect Open Links in Secondary Window at the bottom of each page or disable popup stopper. That is a real picture of a moon. It is one I took in August of 2012 on one of our trips to triathons. The water image is from a moon picture that used to be on this background graphic. My friend Lynda B. Huebel took it at their home on Toledo Bend. This moon is a much larger image. The orchid was an online image of a red real Cattleya orchid. To ENTER my website, click on the Native American Image.

image of me in Native American clothing ages 29 and 62

NOTES: My site has been offline for over a year now. I decided to upload it again and totally revamp it. No music this time around until I can find the correct code. There were 100 plus pages in this one website alone. It was more like several websites in one. There will still be poetry, inspirational poems, WWII pages, genealogy helps, Service Animal information, and my photography. I have consulted on websites but other sites that I built I have removed or will be added back in this website. As you browse this website, keep in mind the webmaster is a retired brain injury nurse who is a brain injury survivor. And I am also self taught on the web. I study other websites. I play around with several graphic editing programs. Do NOT ever underestimate the recovery of brain injury survivors or what their brains are retaining. I am a high level survivor and as a nurse I worked with severely injured brain injury survivors. Psalms 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. KJV If a page takes you out of this site pages, be sure to click on the back button on your browser to come back or bookmark the pages.


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